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5 Slot Games Made After Popular T.V. Shows

pink panther slot game
pink panther slot game

The television’s invention at the end of the 19th century has unquestionably shaped humanity and the entertainment industry forever. Since then, we’ve seen the uprising of some hugely influential T.V. Sows and stars, all thanks to the little box of technology anyone has in their homes nowadays.

In our day and age, swayed by numerous well-known characters and stories it has become a much greater challenge to genuinely impress through artistry, charm and epicness, yet there are a few shows that have made a mark and it’s quite impossible for you not to have heard of them before. It is for this precise reason that even the online casino slot machine industry, who has always taken an interest in providing only the best entertainment for its clients, jumped on board and created numerous free slot games inspired by excellent T.V. shows and the characters that will forever be remembered as legendary.

5 Popular T.V. Shows Slot Games Overview

Game of Thrones Slot

games of thrones slotIf you haven’t just been born, chances are you’ve heard of George R.R. Martin’s amazing work of art and the result for the casino world: Game of Thrones Slot. I won’t be handing out any spoilers, because if you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely not miss the chance, but the software providers at Microgaming have definitely outdone themselves by creating this amazing free slot game, a dream come true for the most devoted fans of free slots and the fantasy genre.

The most epic element of Game of Thrones Slot free casino game, as well as of the show itself, is the absolutely awe-inspiring soundtrack. It will transport you into the fantastic world of Westeros and make you feel like the most powerful champion around as you spin the marvelous reels depicting house sigils and key elements from the Game of Thrones show.

With free spins and stacked wilds, as well as a unique Gamble Trail feature you will have no choice but to hit the spin button and reveal all the amazing prize winning combinations you can think of, so have a go at Game of Thrones Slot free casino game and rediscover the magic!

Marilyn Monroe Slot

marilyn monroe slot gameWhen you think of beauty and glamorous magnetism on the silver screen, the original blonde bombshell probably comes to mind. It was Marilyn Monroe that defined femininity and charisma for her own generation as well as those that followed. The clever Playtech designers seem to have been fully aware of the sexy blonde star’s fame and attraction when they created the Marilyn Monroe free slot game that bares her name and highlights all the things we know and love about Marilyn Monroe.

What’s not to like about this enticing free casino slot game? It has images of the starlet in various poses and the sounds on the background even contain Marilyn Monroe’s delight as you score big on the reels. And what is more enticing in a free slot game than a beautiful woman cheering you on? Perhaps the world symbol of beauty and sex-appeal cheering you on. That would make anyone’s day shine, and with 5 reels and 20 paylines of pure luck enhancing chances, chances are extremely slim you will end up empty-handed.
So don’t miss the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the lovely movie star by trying out this classy Marilyn Monroe free casino slot game!

Basic Instinct Slot Game

basic instinct slotYou don’t have to necessarily be a Sharon Stone fan to be enticed by this hit movie inspired by sex and murder, Basic Instinct. There seem to have been a fan or two among the software providers at Isoftbet, which is why Basic Instinct Slot free casino slot game is so well-thought-out and brilliantly executed.

All the symbols presented in Basic Instinct Slot free casino game are key objects used in the movie and the alluring lady is seductively watching you from the background.

This mysterious Basic Instinct Slot features some killer progressive wilds that can considerably enhance all your winning potential. The progressive Jackpot’s currency corresponds to the player account currency and with 243 ways to win, I’m sure you’ll find that playing Basic Instinct Slot will prove to be a marvelous, tempting offer.

There are wild drops, free spins and a brilliant bonus rounds to be enjoyed in this dark free casino slot game and you should not miss any of them! Try Basic Instinct Slot out now for free, you have nothing to lose!

Scarface Slot

scarface slot gameSay hello to my little friend! As a fitting tribute to what seems to be the most well-known gangster movie in the world, NetEnt created the Scarface Slot free casino game in order to honor Al Pacino’s amazing portrayal of the main character and also allow you to score some huge wins all while reminiscing about the famous action scenes from the Scarface Slot universe.

You cannot deny the amazing and empowering feeling this movie can bring to a viewer, and combined with a free slot that brings ample chances of success, it can become the ultimate tool for you to feel like the winner you are.

Scarface Slot free casino game has Stacked wilds, free spins and bonus games as well as 5 reels and 20 paylines, so you can enjoy this timeless classic movie now in free slot form for the entertainment and best wins you can only dare to dream of.

Pink Panther Slot Game

pink panther slot gameOn a more cheerful note, let’s turn our sights from a dark, scary world of crime to a happy-go-lucky cartoon that everyone and their grandmother has heard of: the sly Pink Panther. Playtech brings us a perfect free slot game to remind us of the most amusing characters of our childhood: Pink Panther Slot.

If the 2 progressive Jackpots don’t impress you, perhaps you’ll be more inclined to be persuaded by the Wheel of Pink Bonus or the Jackpot Adventure Bonus featured in this perky pink free slot game. On top of all that Pink Panther Slot free casino game also has a Gamble feature, providing an excellent side-game for your enjoyment.

The well-known characters featured in the show all make an appearance in the Pink Panther Slot free casino game and are sure to transport you into the pink protagonist’s jazzy world. Go with them and have some fun spinning the reels and winning huge payouts! Why not? After all, it’s all free and fun!


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