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5 Reasons Why Online Bingo is the Most Popular Game Right Now ​

online bingo growth reasons
online bingo growth reasons

Games, like fashions, tend to go through phases of being popular before being almost forgotten about and being tagged as ‘last year’ or ‘retro’; but bingo seems to be going the opposite way and is making a comeback – mostly thanks to the Internet.

Online bingo is one fine example in this respect because the traditional game played in halls around the United Kingdom was on its last legs with halls closing down on a regular basis – there were certainly no new halls opening and even those that were ‘new’ were simply rebranded under new ownership after those companies who were doing well bought out those that were floundering.

The Internet is being credited with reviving the bingo game that people know and love so dearly, but just didn’t have the time to go and play or were put off by the stereotypes associated with bingo claiming that it is a game for ‘old people.’ You only need to look on bingo review sites like bestoffersbingo.co.uk to see how many sites are now offering people the chance to play online bingo in its various forms which shows that the interest isn’t just there…it’s growing!

Why though? After all, if people aren’t playing traditional bingo with the callers shouting at the numbers for people sat at the tables to mark off on their cards, why are they playing online?

5 Reasons for Online Bingo Growth

  • Prize Money

Most things come back to money, and online bingo is no different. When you play games online you often have to pay a membership fee or put down money in order to play your chosen games. With online bingo you often have to register an account with a small fee and then you’re charged for each game you play – but nearly all of this money (certainly the cash that doesn’t go to the site owners), is put in the pot for people to win. Lots of sites have special games where the jackpot is three, four or five times bigger than that of a standard game, and even those ‘smaller’ games have the potential for people to win decent sums of cash just from playing bingo

  • Offers

Along with the registration there are usually offers for new and existing players to take advantage of from each site. With so many out there now, each one has to offer some kind of incentive to get people playing on their site and not their competitors. Sometimes it’s along the lines of ‘deposit £10 get £50 to play with’ or a 200% bonus on certain games meaning the jackpot is much higher if you take part in a particular game at a particular time, encouraging people to play and to try and win more

  • Accessibility

Thanks to the Internet bingo is now much more accessible to a much wider audience. People would only play in a bingo hall in the evenings or on a day off, but thanks to the web they can play on their laptops, PCs and even mobile devices without having to leave their homes or offices; in the spare ten minutes you get to yourself in the evening and even while on the move making those endless motorway miles in the passenger seat fly by.

  • Social Gaming

Bingo has always been a social game but by adding in the ability to chat to other players and share things on social media, players can even keep in touch with their friends who also enjoy a good game of social bingo in their spare time by using live chat or the likes of Facebook and Twitter, maintaining that social element even if you’re in the house on your own.

  • Ease

Finally, it’s so easy to play. You don’t need to be an expert or to have countless of hours worth of previous gaming time to learn how to mix it with the experts – online bingo, like the traditional format, is all about luck meaning you stand as much chance of winning as a first-timer as somebody who plays daily.


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