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National Lottery Scratchcards in 2019 – Where it Went Wrong

In our last post for Gambling-King, we wrote about some of the National Lottery Scratchcards released in 2018. A whole year has now passed, and we’ve seen over 30 new scratchcards that have been released. However, they have not...
women igaming statistics
women igaming statistics
women igaming statistics

Women in iGaming: 2018 statistics

We get used to think that iGaming industry is a man`s world that is off-limits to women. However, according to statistics, there is a big number of female gamblers and their behavior has a lot of specific features. What games d...


Poker Cash Games vs MTTs

The Multi-Table Tournament (MTT) The Good Stuff Pros – Recreational players MTTs are filled with recreational players. If you’re not au fait with poker terminology and arriving fresh to poker, tournaments are the first st...
math and slots
math and slots
math and slots

How Casinos Use Math to Make Money When You Play Slots

There have been many attempts to breakdown gambling using math to win more. There was even a movie about it based on real life where the protagonist found a loophole in the game Blackjack and with the help of accomplices they w...