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Top 10 Casino Gambling Mistakes

poker skill game
poker skill game

Wining and losing is not determined only by who is playing well, but also by who is making the least mistakes. Although mistakes do prepare us for the next game, learning the hard way is not always the best way. So herewith I present a list of the 10 most costly casino gambling mistakes:

1. Choose a Bad Casino:
Choose a reputable casino. Check which casino offers the best bonuses, quality casino software and 24/7 customer service.

2. Playing Unknown Games:
Experts always recommend to play casino games with which you are familiar. Don’t risk playing games you don’t know and if you don’t have any idea about the rules of the game.

3. Playing With Borrowed Money:
Never play with borrowed money. The concept of gambling is never to bet more than you can afford to lose. So don’t play with credit.

4. Bad Strategies:
Sometime we don’t make good strategies before playing a casino game and as a result the game is lost. So before playing casino games make sure you have a good strategy.

5. Getting Greedy:
When you are winning, the chance is high you get overconfident and force yourself to play more and bet more. This greediness is the downfall of most gamblers. Discipline and control is what makes the difference.

6. Not Using a players Card:
With a players card the casino can monitor how you perform so you can generate comps. In the end this is the most valuable card in a casino and a big mistake not to use it. Not using equals giving away money.

7. Playing too Fast:
Casino games are based on speed, glitter and glamour. Sometimes you can lose control over the game if you try to play too much too fast.

8. Losing track of time:
Some card players play blackjack for more than 5 hours at a time. Concentration is fading and you are exposing your money to the house edge. Make sure you keep track of time while gambling, and give yourself some breaks.

9.Drinking and Gambling:
Drinking Alcohol makes you overconfident and makes your mind slower, which can cause you to make bad decisions. Don’t drink until after you finish the game.

10. Not Enjoying the Game:
Some people only gamble to earn money with online games. But it is more than money, for most people it is entertainment. Like playing Online Pokies is unlimited fun and enjoyment.


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