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Tasty Bingo £2K Trolley Dash at UK Bingo Site

Here is your chance to win up to £2,000 worth of supermarket vouchers of your choice with a brand new bingo promotion at Tasty Bingo. Presenting the £2K Trolley Dash which will chase your shopping woes away with just one single game. To win those shopping vouchers all you have to do is play the £2k Trolley Dash on 2nd July at 9:45pm at the UK bingo room.

The £2k Trolley Dash game is a 90 ball online bingo game which means you get a total of three chances at winning the prize. Be the first to complete one line and you win £400 worth of supermarket vouchers of your choice while two lines give you £600 worth of vouchers. The biggie is when you complete a full house before anyone else as this gives you a massive prize of £1,000 worth of vouchers. Think of all the things you can do with the prize; picnics, parties, barbecues and so much more!

Now you can Win Huge £2,000 trolley dash at Tasty Bingo. Play Online bingo with bingo tasty bingo games and be part of great bingo promotions from the finest UK Bingo Site.

Tickets for the £2k Trolley Dash game on 2nd July at 9:45pm are priced at £1 and you can buy as many as 72 cards for the game. Pre-buy your tickets right away from the £2k Trolley Dash from the Specials Tab today so you don’t miss out on the fun. When you pre-buy bingo cards you simply don’t have to worry about prior commitments as your tickets will be played out even if you don’t log on to your account. Tasty Bingo couldn’t make it any easier if they tried!

You can also earn your way into the game; that’s right the £2,000 jackpot could be yours without you spending a single penny on a ticket. All you have to do is accumulate 500 Trolley Dash points and you win one free bingo card into the game. To check the status of your points, log on to Tasty Bingo and check your “My Tasty” page to see how many Trolley Dash points you have earned so far. You can keep earning points till the 28th of June and your points will be automatically turned into cards on the day of the game.

Here is how you earn Trolley Dash points at Tasty Bingo. Send an email @tastybingo.com by 27th June telling him what you would put in your trolley and why and win a grand 250 points. Additionally, every bingo on the Shopping Cart pattern is worth 10 points, every £1 wagered on bingo games is 5 points in the kitty and every £20 wagered on instant games gives you 2 points.

The £2K Trolley Dash bingo promotion is open to all funded players at Tasty Bingo so sign up for an account today. New players at the UK bingo site are welcomed with a generous first deposit cash match bonus of 200% on a minimum of £5 up to a maximum of £100. When you have deposited up to £30, there is a special gift in store for you. Choose from a bottle of white wine, red wine, rose wine, a box of Belgian hand made chocolates or £10 into your account. Start collecting points for the £2K Trolley Dash today!

As always Tasty Bingo is giving you the chance to earn free entry into this game by collecting trolley dash points. Every 500 you amass can be exchanged for one free card and these points can be earned in a number of ways including:

– Tell Tasty Bingo what you would put in your trolley and why for 250 points- Bingo on the Shopping Cart pattern for 10 points- Wager £1 on bingo games for 5 points- Wager £20 on instant games for 2 points

In addition to the online bingo sites prize game where you have the chance to win shopping vouchers for your local supermarket up to the value of £400 for one line, £600 for two lines and £1,000 for the full house the trolley dash room will stay open for two hours worth of fun including all of your favourite chat games and the chance to earn double chat points. Play bingo games at tasty bingo one of the best bingo sites to play online bingo games


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