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Brings the rise of branded slots different casino players

branded slots casino
branded slots casino

Let’s be honest, branded slots are not exactly a new invention. For as long as I can remember, franchized slots such as Wizard of Oz, Top Gun and of course Wheel of Fortune have graced casino floors. However, in more recent times there has been a real surge in the development of slot machines themed around a particular movie, comic book, TV show, rock band and so on….

Reasons for Branded Slots

The reasons why slot developers like brands are fairly obvious – they are trustworthy, instantly recognizable and generally have mass appeal. Where I have noticed the biggest rise in branded slots is at online casinos. Every month there seems to be a new release that comes with a big glossy title. If it isn’t one of the blockbuster movie franchize slots like The Hangover or Ghostbusters then it may well be one of the big Marvel comic slots such as Iron Man 2 or Thor. The success of certain branded slots has meant a 5-fold increase in the production or new and better ones, with plenty more expected. At Gamingslots.com, where I am a regular contributor, the amount of branded slots that have been added to the site has shot up and is expected to continue for some time. However, some observers have noticed that these games are attracting a different kind of player, which may ultimately not work out very well for the casinos.

Why choose a Branded Slot

Any experienced slot player will tell you that it can take months, sometimes years, to find a slot that you really gel with. For many serious slot players they will have a group of slots that they return to time and again, which offer something they enjoy. This could be the potential for big wins, a regular winning return or simply that the game provides plenty of entertainment. When a player chooses a branded slot, there decision to play that slot is invariably based on the character or theme of the slot and not necessarily a judgement on the playing experience delivered by it. For developers of slot games this presents a bit of a challenge. The branding can only do so much and the player is ultimately going to want entertaining when they play. Therefore you will generally find branded slots have lots of action, produce a variety of sounds and contain multiple bonus rounds that are fairly easy to hit. These are what known as low volatility slots, where the bonuses are frequent, but the payouts are rarely substantial.

Different Players

As with many things in life, when you aim to satisfy with instant gratification then you will reduce the attention span of the participant – in this case the paying player. Where in the past players would show complete dedication to certain slot games, the same cannot be said for the player attracted to the branded slot with four bonus rounds. Shorter attention spans, shorter playing times and more time wondering around the casino looking for the next branded slot.

So my advice to the major slot developers is don’t stop making branded slots, but just to pick and choose good quality titles that will work in a wagering game. I mean, did we really need the Six Million Dollar Man slot?

By Carl Blackley
Bio: Carl has been playing slot games in land based casinos for 15 years and online for the past 8. He is a regular contributor at gamingslots.com as well as several slots forums. Carl is a medium to high volatility slots player who mainly plays Novomatic and Aristocrat slots.


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