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Rio 2016 Olympics – Good for golf

Finally, there is a moment of joy for the enthusiasts of the game of golf all around the world. The reason for this celebration are the summer Olympics of 2016 in Rio De Janeiro. For some of you who are not really aware about the direction of sports winds across the globe, this might sound strange. And, this is natural because golf & Olympics will be united after more than a century.

Yes, it has been over hundred years since golf has not been the part of the Olympics, but now the tables have turned and we would see the traditional 72 holes stroke play going on in Rio. The last game of golf played in this prestigious event was in 1904 at St. Louis, since then the golfing maniacs were waiting for the inclusion of the game among other sports for the event. Well, better late than never, Brazil is going to be the eye candy of golf lovers in the summers of 2016.

It is not only the enthusiasts and spectators that are looking forward to the event. The game itself is going to gain a lot from this inclusion in the mega gathering of all the sports from across the planet. Let’s take a look at the aspects which makes 2016 Olympics, good for golf :

  • Television exposure – Though there is no doubt that golf have a very dedicated fan base and get a good coverage on communication media, but the audience population of this sporting gala is huge and this exposure is surely going to bring some new fans to the game. People relate to the games in the Olympics because they can relate to the medals that are on the line. The victory is a matter of national pride taking the emotions way ahead of mere enthusiasm for the sport.
  • Generating young interest – The inclusion of the game in the list of events will attract young talent as well. The glory of golf is no less than any other game and now when it is a part of the most awaited sporting event, it is inevitable for young talent to ignore it as a promising sporting career.
  • A new sensation – The summers of 2016 are going to give golf lovers a new event to look out for. There are many regular events of the game but with patriotic feelings attached to victory of medals, Rio is surely going to be the place where every golf enthusiast would want to be in 2016.
  • A new aim for players – Till now golfers aimed for their usual cups and events, now they have a new aim to prove their skills to win a medal for not only themselves but their nations as well.

If you are a golf lover you surely would want to book your tickets to Rio De Janeiro for the summers for 2016 but it is understandable that we all cannot do that. But you can surely try to mark your presence at a Las Vegas golf course to see your favorite players practicing on these world class courses for the upcoming mega event. So, keep attending tee times at your favorite Las Vegas golf course and you might get lucky to see your favorite golf star in action.

Author’s bio –Simon Layne is a sports enthusiast & loves to share the information and passion for sports in his writings. He goes all the way to give you the desired information, so don’t hesitate to contact him whenever you want.


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