Posted May 9, 2010 by GamblingKing in Online Bingo

RedBus Bingo Unveils Great New Games

RedBus Bingo, the most recent newcomer to the online bingo community, has a whole range of fantastic bingo games with cash prizes that can be won for as little as a penny stake. In their Spend a Penny games that is played every evening at 9.15pm offers a chance to win £50 for the penny spent. When you look at that in terms of percentage return, it is a remarkable offer. That one penny is betting at 5000-1 yet the player still has the same chance of winning as in any other standard game.

The Double Decker jackpot is cannily displayed like a banner on the side of a bus so you can easily see where it stands each time you play or visit the site and the London Eye jackpot grows daily too. The London theme runs throughout red bus bingo and uses landmarks, attractions and traditions that would be familiar to many as the ‘vehicle’ to create the games available for players. In the Coach & Horses room there is a pub quiz every Sunday night at 8.00pm and 9.00pm where winners can share 20,000 bonus points and by joining Angie in the Beefeater Chat games, players could win up to 5,000 bonus points in the fun chat games that run concurrently with the bingo being played. More bonus points could be won by players if they are lucky enough to have the Chirp of the Day when they natter to Angie about whatever they like. The best chirp receives 5,000 extra bonus points and a mention on the site – and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Good times, easy conversation and a sense of fun are obviously very important to RedBus Bingo; they have regular daily cash prizes available at times when most players can take the opportunity to join in.


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