Posted September 15, 2010 by GamblingKing in Mobile Casino

Pros And Cons Of Mobile Casino

Mobile Casino is a great new option for those who love casino games but don’t always have the ability or desire to get to a live casino. However, like all new technologies and other mobile games, mobile gambling has its benefits and its drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons of mobile gambling.

Pro: Easy Access to Casino Gaming

The great thing about mobile casino is that instead of having to travel to the a real casino, the casino travels with you. If you have a jones to play online blackjack, you can play it anytime, anywhere, without having to worry about where to find a game.

Con: Easy Access to Casino Gaming

Mobile gaming’s greatest strength may also provide its greatest risk. One pitfall some players run into when moving from live casino games to online casino games is a significantly greater money loss because the money does not “feel real” when being wagered over the computer screen. Chips remove a person one step from actual money, and virtual chips take them another step. Mobile chips may remove a person even further, so if one is not careful, it’s easy to get into trouble with mobile casino.

Pro: Small Interface

A mobile phone shrinks your casino so that it is pocket-sized. This is much more convenient than having to tote a laptop around with you, and is obviously much more convenient than having to carry chips to physical gaming tables.

Con: Small Interface

Some players may find the tiny screen takes some getting used to when used for mobile casino. Online casino gamers can enjoy large monitors and easily communicate their intended actions using the mouse. Mobile gamblers have to make use of the small keypad available to them and may have to squint to see all the action. That being said, many newer phones are built with this in mind, and have larger, clearer screens with easier-to-use keypads.

As you can see, each benefit to the mobile gaming device has a flip side. You will have to decide for yourself whether the benefits are worth the trouble. However, many players who were skeptical about online play now swear by it, and you may find the same is true of mobile play.


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