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Online vs Mobile gamers

Who plays online and mobile casual games? Who plays what kind of games? Which activities are important to casual gamers? What is their consumer behaviour like? Where do they spend their money? Social scientists, teachers and the games industry have recently tried to find the answers.

Online casual games and mobile games are becoming increasingly popular. At the GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE the research institute gamematrix and games publisher Greentube, a leading developer and provider of Gaming Solutions for the Internet, mobile devices and iTV, presented the first results of their study, which compares demographic data provided by several market research institutes and analyses the user behaviour of online and mobile casual gamers. The study is based on current data provided by (among others) Greentube, the digital research institute comScore and the Today’s Gamers Study 2009 as well as research results of the associations BITKOM and BVDW.

The study showed, there are two dominant age groups at online casinos. The study showed that 26 percent of all internet game players are in the age group between 35 and 44 years of age. They also discovered that “online gaming remains more popular with 55 year olds”. For the under 35 age group, mobile games, including mobile casinos, are the most popular. Typically, playing mobile games increases in popularity as the age of the players goes down.

A very important finding for online casino providers is that the majority of players come from disparate income levels: higher income and lower income. Oddly enough, the study showed that middle income level players were “below average” participants. They also discovered that online players have a higher probability to spend.

In 2006, according to a study by m:metrics, only 2.5% of all mobile phone owners in Germany had downloaded a game to their devices. According to figures from comScore the number of mobile gamers in 2008 had risen to 10.9 million.

Positive factors of influence on the likelihood of downloading
Particularly the iPhone, with 14% of all downloads, has supported this development. Where public transport represents the main mode of transport, use of mobile phones in general is promoted


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