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Online Poker the win-win game of the century

Who doesn’t love Poker? The smoky room, the warmth of fine scotch, the caressing hand of lady luck, the enticing gobs of money, lying on the table.online poker The tension, piercing the air, while your winning hand slams on the table as if in slow motion, riveting your truth to the collective minds of your adversaries in an everlasting second, bearing the elation of quintessential triumph.

Today, more than 100 million people play Poker worldwide. Strangely enough, we are not sure where or when Poker was originated. By the end of the last century, it was popular belief that the 18th century Persian game – As Nas, lay the rudiments to Poker, as we know it today. However, gaming historian, David Parlett, disagrees and points out that the French game Poque is a more likely candidate. Poque is derived from German and means ‘to brag as a bluff’. Parlett believes that Poque itself is derived from other older games. One can only guess Poker’s origins, yet we can safely assume that its current reincarnation is the most successful one.

Some people think that Poker is mostly played in ‘brick and mortar’ casinos (named so, to differ from online game rooms). Yet studies show that Poker tables in Brick and Mortar casinos account to no more than 1% of general revenue. Casinos nowadays are much more keen on adding slot machines to their floors than Poker tables. The reason is that it takes some time to play a full game of Poker. The time charge usually pays off with any game, only with Poker it’s diminished and it is now factually more lucrative to place slot machines in the space that the Poker room used to occupy. That is one of the great advantages online Poker holds for its provider. It simply doesn’t require space.

These days one can play Poker in a myriad of venues, enabling one to match the game to his playing level, physical location and fiscal capability. This classic table game took a turn to the digital and has conquered the hearts of online players all over the world. Online gaming allows novice players to play rock bottom stakes that can go as low as 1¢ ante, betting or raise. They even provide promotion plans, encouraging novice players to play without risk. The game rooms are so varied in nature and inviting, anyone could find himself glued to his seat, relishing this easy and fun game.

Online Poker has proved itself advantageous to players and providers alike. Experienced players, as well as novices, find that Game rooms providers find that one doesn’t need physical space, rent money and overhead costs to host this great game.

Worldwide, Online Poker has proven itself to be the win-win game of the century.


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