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Online Bingo Sites With Ukash

With so much emphasis currently being placed on making your financial transactions as secure as they possibly can, more and more online bingo players are becoming far too cautious to deposit at bingo sites using their credit or debit cards for fear of their details falling into the wrong hands. With the launch of PayPal Bingo, these fears – for the most part – started to become a thing of the past. However, there is a new payment method in town, and it promised to be even safer than PayPal: UKash! In the last couple of years in particular, UKash bingo sites have been cropping up all over the internet, and the fact that bingo sites that accept UKash players are becoming more widely available means that UKash is now set to eclipse even PayPal!

PayPal did once have the power to claim that they were the very safest method of payment on the internet and whilst they can still enjoy the fact that they are one of the most secure, UKash has now overtaken them! The reason that UKash has been established as even more secure than PayPal is that whilst you do have to input your details into PayPal, you never, ever have to divulge any information when using UKash. This is why bingo sites that accept UKash players are increasing in popularity all the time.

To use UKash, you simply head to a high street shop that sells them. Don’t worry – you can find that information on the official UKash website. Then you simply exchange cash for a tangible UKash voucher, and it is the 19 digits found on the voucher that you use to deposit to any of the UKash bingo sites found online. No personal details required! Withdrawing is a slightly different matter, however. You still don’t need to input your details; there are a good few withdrawal options at UKash bingo sites. Firstly you can simply spend your winnings online, anywhere. Secondly you could load an eWallet with your UKash winnings. You could even order a UKash Out card, which s pretty much the same as a credit card. You can transfer funds on to this card whenever you like and use it to withdraw your winnings. You can then input this card into an everyday ATM and physically withdraw cash.

UKash bingo sites that accept UK players are growing by the minute, from big named bingo sites to lesser known sites, so there are tonnes of options open to those bingo fans that are too cautious for even the famous PayPal!
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