Posted March 22, 2011 by GamblingKing in Online Bingo

Online Bingo Portal

If you do an online search today for such terms as “online bingo” or “UK bingo sites” you will be overwhelmed with the results you will find; there are just too many bingo site out their nowadays. If you are new to online bingo or you just wish to try a new site it can be a real struggle deciding which site to join. Your best option is to try an online bingo comparison site or a bingo portal as they are also known as. The only problem with such sites is that they do not always have your best interests at heart.

Comparison sites work on a commission scheme where the webmasters get a percentage of the money of users who sign up and spend money on the sites that they advertise. The only problem with this is comparison sites tend to only advertise such sites that offer the best commission rates and usually show the best paying sites first. This is great for the webmasters but offers a low user experience for the users.

Love to Play Bingo wishes to be different and does not want to be branded as a comparison site that only thinks about commission rates, that is why the site has added a comments and rating feature to each bingo review. This means that the users of the online bingo portal can post both good and negative reviews and votes on the online bingo sites that they have used in the past. What this means is other users and fellow bingo players can get a better picture of what online bingo sites have their best interests at heart. This also means that the sites with the best reviews will be showed first to the users, not the sites with the best commission rates.

This is the first unique feature that Love to Play Bingo has added and plenty more will be added in the future. The site will be adding more features they believe will make the users experience more enjoyable and more rewarding for the users of the site.


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