Posted August 4, 2011 by GamblingKing in Casino

Live Blackjack Games

The popularity of Live Blackjack continues to grow and the world’s leading casinos continue to offer their players the opportunity to experience the legendary game with live dealers.

Blackjack has been always been an enthralling and entertaining choice of game in the casino, but experienced players will tell you how much better it is to play cards with a live dealer rather than a computer and it is no surprise to see so many people flocking to online gaming sites to play live blackjack.

Seeing the dealer shuffle the cards gives players more confidence in the site they are using and with some of the world’s best dealers recruited to dish the cards out online, live dealer blackjack is rapidly becoming one of the most enjoyable and trustworthy games there is.

This is obviously of great importance to seasoned gamblers and any keen blackjack player will tell you that they are never happy playing against a computer with fixed odds when they could be playing live with a real dealer.

To be able to see the dealer shuffle the cards is the greatest security you can feel at the tables and one of the main reasons players still choose to get in their car and drive to the casino rather than log on to an online casino and start playing there.

The more traditional versions of live blackjack remain and though the ten to one payout on Blackjack has disappeared and the legendary game has progressed and changed with the times, live blackjack remains one of the jewels in the live dealer casino crown.

Even though computerised blackjack games are played under strict rules and regulations, any gambler will tell you that there is no feeling like watching your hands being dealt by a real life dealer and it is a far more enjoyable game when you are playing against real people. With the industry’s leading operators all moving rapidly to stay one step ahead of the game with their live dealer blackjack gameplay, the excitement and quality of the action is improving almost as quickly s the cards are being shuffled.


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