Posted October 26, 2012 by GamblingKing in Poker

GoldBet new online poker network

Euroclub Network Ltd. announced today that it launched a new online poker network, branded League Network, with its showcase premier customer, GoldBet. The League Network differentiates itself from other poker networks through its focus on entertainment value, balanced player pools across partner sites and higher partner revenues, as sites operating on the League Network will not offer rakeback.

Primarily centered on European and emerging markets, League Network caters to casual and recreational players, offering very generous rewards closely integrated with the poker games. Players earn rewards not only for the amount of time and level of stakes played but also randomly, and even in situations when they fold. These rewards (Gold Chips, Gold Cards and Loyalty Levels) are simple to use with an emphasis on helping operators improve player retention while creating more fun for the players.

As one of the most prestigious online bookmakers in Europe, GoldBet will be bringing its success and experience to the League Network. Founded in 2000, GoldBet’s internationally recognized quality, experience and transparency provides players and bettors a trusted and familiar brand to play poker.


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