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Earn real money with online games

real money online gamesThe World Wide Web is bustling with opportunities to make some cash, and there are all kinds of skill sets one can use to achieve just that. Being able to work from home at any time and any place is something one should definitely consider doing. What are however the easiest ways to earn real money online with online games and what is required?

Get paid playing games online – As simple as it sounds it really is! There are not only games companies that pay for beta-testing, but for full-time employment as well. There are different approaches, methods and offers that all refer to gaming, so let’s have a look at them:

1) Free Game Websites
Signing up at such a website is a piece of cake. Players who have an account are simply invited to play the various games on offer and collect points. Those points can be redeemed at some stage for vouchers, merchandise and even cash.

2) Tournament Games Websites
Similar to the Free Games Website, the players basically sign up for all kinds of tournaments, such as arcade or sports games, but skill games like chess, checkers, and so on. The registration is usually free of charge. At the end of each tournament the top-3 players will get a modest cash prize or merchandise.

3) Game Show Websites
Let’s face it, social media is important to promote what’s on the telly as well. In order to spread the word, keep in touch with the fans, etc. game shows offer various games, related to the show perhaps, and reward their players with all kinds of vouchers or even cash.

4) Virtual Goods Websites
Yes, this one is as real as the virtual world is, well… not real. Especially in Asia, where multi-player action, fantasy, etc. games are very popular, virtual goods or even game characters are being offered. You can indeed while just playing your favourite fantasy game!


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