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Crazy Vegas Online Casino Is Not Just Hot Air

LUXEMBOURG, June 11, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ — The stadium was packed and all eyes were focused on the events taking place in the field, when suddenly two huge black shapes showed up in the full view of the people and cameras. Spectators at the stadium said that they were amazed when they saw not one, but two huge white blimps with black writing floating higher and higher into the skies, complete with Crazy Vegas Online Casino markings and trimmings, floating right by the stadium in Johannesburg where the first games of the competition were being kicked off.

Crazy Vegas has really taken the bulls by the horns with this audacious move. The presence of the blimps stirred some controversy and attracted the attention of local police as its presence contravened Soccer World Cup advertising laws. Whether they were trying to market their brand or just send the message that they truly are the craziest casino out there, this message has been delivered. Quite obviously, crazyvegas wanted to be seen by the world and having taken this daring initiative and risk to be seen, the world now knows that the most enterprising of all casinos will even take to the skies to give you what you want. Needless to say, Crazy Vegas Online Casino caused a ruckus, and focus moved away from the game for the many spectators who observed this brouhaha.

The confrontation saw the authorities forcefully removing the blimps amongst a presence of onlookers. Reports are unconfirmed as to what has happened to the daring casino moguls who took their publicity stunt sky high, but it is suspected that the law officers, after bringing down the blimps may have taken the wandering flight engineers and their blimps into custody.

The entire spectacle was nicely summed up by one of the surprised spectators who said, “Whoever came up with this crazy idea is just… well… crazy!”


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