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Bingo can have positive effect on your health and prevent frailty

Online PR News – 03-March-2011 –As well as being hugely entertaining and obviously kind on the wallet, scientific findings suggest that bingo at sites like citybingo , whether it be the traditional form or online, can promote a happy mind and body. Fantastic news for bingo lovers today as research has revealed that the game is in fact good for you.

The research outlines that games like bingo keep NHS patients more active and mentally motivated resulting in less time needed on the wards. Further findings from scientists in the USA have now revealed that online bingo like citybingo could stop some forms of disability from developing when undertaken along with other activities such as volunteering or trips.
The study focused on participants over the age of eighty and monitored their behaviour when completing tasks such as housework, climbing stairs and walking. Those that played games such as bingo on a regular basis were shown to be far more independent and mobile.

It is thought that the pro-active nature of bingo due to the online chat rooms and constant use of numbers keeps the mind happy and active. Bingo can provide a great platform for socialising and stop people from cooping themselves up at home as they advance in years.

So who would have thought it? Just by logging on and playing all your favourite online bingo games, you are promoting health and old age. You can play online now at city bingo.


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