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Why Is Bingo Good For You?

Since bingo is, in its essence, considered to be one of the simplest forms of gaming it may be hard to believe that it is also a real asset to keeping your mind functioning at its peak. bingo good whether you are online bingo in a chat room or in a bingo hall or casino, but also the quick speeds at which people play the game.

With results taken from the University of Southampton’s Psychology Department, proof has arisen that there is a strong link between bingo and maintaining good mental health. With 112 people taking part in the tests, split between two age groups of 18 to 40 and 60 and 82, both Bingo players and Non-Bingo players, the results showed that regular bingo players were more mentally sharp and accurate when compared to the results of non players. In fact, in some of the tests, the older players were faster thinkers and more precise than the younger category, potentially showing that brain training is possible through bingo and that the more ‘exercise’ your mind gets, the stronger it becomes.

As bingo is a game of speed, with players aiming to find and dab the number called before their competitors in a bid to complete the pattern and win the game, it requires the players minds to stay agile and alert thus giving it a regular ‘work out’ the more you play it. But whilst the brain function can be improved through bingo, this does not mean that it enhances intelligence, which for example may be required for a game such as chess, which is a game of skill and one where the player recalls previously learnt and stored information to beat their opponent.

The results on the physical requirements of bingo through the rapid hand/eye co-ordination also came out very positive within the older group of players, which is surprising as it is believed that physical speed and agility goes into decline as we age. These results show that with regular practice and encouragement our bodies will happily carry on, if not at peak certainly at a healthy level, for as long as we allow them to.

Alongside the maintenance of brain function, the game also encourages feeling of happiness through the social aspect. Having the opportunity to get out the house or the routine of life, meet with friends or create and develop new friendships at the bingo hall or in any of the online bingo site communities, mean that players get the chance to release some oxytocin, otherwise known as the happy hormone. This is due to being part of a ‘team’ and playing in a ‘group’ and is specifically linked to fending off depression – fantastic news for the young and the old!

By keeping busy and sociable, older people were also shown to require less assistance when getting out and about and being more independent well in to their older years. Research conducted at the University of Chicago showed that people, even in their eighties, were able to avoid disability or dependence on others. The report, published in the ‘Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences; said: “Higher levels of social activity are associated with a decreased risk of becoming disabled.”

These positive results are fantastic news for the Bingo industry as the public has had a real love/hate relationship with the game over the years since it became commercialized in around the 1950’s. With around 4million people playing Bingo in the UK now, the majority of which play in online rooms, the research demonstrating positive results aside from the basic joy of playing a fun game or winning money, means that it may well open itself up to an even larger fan base in the future.


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