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Best Kept Gambling Secrets of Las Vegas

las vegas gambling secretsOne of the best tips to follow when travelling to Las Vegas is not to gamble against the locals. If you go to a table and the dealer knows all of the players by name then get up and leave. These players are Las Vegas locals and chances are that they play nearly every day and make a living off tourists like you. You may decide to simply move to a different table or you may choose a different casino. Ideally, you want to play a game against intoxicated tourists so their decision making skills are not at their best. A good tip is to go to the casino floor around 3 in the morning when the clubs are closing. The Venetian has a poker room that is just below the night club Tao and when the club patrons begin to leave, they will probably head to the closest games – the poker tables.

Discover the hidden treasures of Las Vegas!

Gambling in Style

The Cosmopolitan is the most glamorous and ritzy hotel on the Strip. The casino is adorned in rhinestones and sparkly décor. Since you have already planned to do some gambling, you might as well do it in complete style. Additionally, if you are gambling at the Cosmopolitan on a Monday, Friday or Saturday night, go to a table that is below the elevator to the Marquee. The Marquee one of the most popular clubs on the Strip and it is a great stop for people watching. More inexpensive people watching locations include the Wynn coffee shop and the Kokomo’s Lounge at the Mirage.

Cheap Drinks at the Wynn

Vegas is known for providing free alcohol to gamblers. You are not required to sit down at a $50 blackjack table though – you can get free drinks even while playing penny slots. If you want to enjoy a few drinks before you go to a club, opt for playing the penny slots – you could save a significant amount of money on drinks at the club. The Wynn offers the best free drinks on the Strip including mojitos and top shelf tequila. You should be sure to tip your waitress as well. In addition, the Wynn has a beautiful Koi pond filled with exotic fish. Most people do not know about this pond but it is one of the most relaxing locations on the Strip.

Meet New People at a Circle Bar

Most of the casinos on the Strip have a Circle Bar which is generally located in the center of the casino. This is not a club but it is a place where you can meet new people. First, you do not have to pay a cover charge and many people come and go from these bars. So if you are pestered by any patrons, they will be on their way shortly. Locals generally do not sit at the Circle Bars which is a good thing because locals are usually there to make money off of tourists at the casino. The best Circle Bars on the Stripe include Oculus at the Venetian, Center Bar at the Hard Rock and Eyecandy at Mandalay Bay.

Be a High Roller without Rolling High

It is no secret that high rollers receive free gifts from the casino but it is also difficult for casinos to monitor exactly how much gambling a player really does so they simply estimate. A great way to make the casino believe that you plan to gamble as a high roller is to take out a large market. If you are planning on losing $500 then you may want to take out a $5,000 marker – this will draw the attention of the casino host. Some casinos are also fairly generous with their comps so call around to see if there are any deals going on.

Pass Line Bet

If you do not know anything about gambling but want to play a casino game you may want to consider playing craps and make a pass line bet. It is easy to place this bet, simply place your chips on the pass line and watch the dice roll. If everyone is happy then you won and if everyone is quiet then you lost. You can go to O’Sheas to play low stakes craps game and if you lose, you can always enjoy the beer pong tournament.

Combine Shopping and Gambling

All of the large casinos have their own shops but most are quite expensive. These shops are there to drain money out of gamblers who just want to win the huge jackpot and do not have the patience to wait for a win. However, there are a few casinos that do have excellent shops attached to them with reasonable prices. The Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile and the Caesars’ Forum Shops feature unique shops and ceilings painted to resemble the sky.

Stretch your Bankroll with Sport Betting

Sport betting is illegal in many other places in the United States but Vegas is not one of those places. The MGM Grand may not have the fanciest or newest sport betting lounge but it is usually the most enthusiastic. If you are looking for a group of sports fans to cheer on your team with then the MGM Grand sports book is the place for you.

Play like a Las Vegas Local

Las Vegas residents rarely frequent the strip to gamble. Locals usually go to Fremont Street or to another casino off the Strip. Fremont Street is also known as downtown and it is home to all the classic Las Vegas casinos including El Cortez, Four Queens and Binion’s. While these casinos do not have the glitz of the Strip casinos, they usually offer the least expensive table games and rules that are more favourable to players. If you do visit Fremont Street, it is also worth stopping by some local hangout spots like Insert Coins, Beauty Bar and Don’t Tell Mama.

Bring Home the Las Vegas Fun

All Las Vegas hotels have a gift shop filled with poker chips, playing cards and miniature roulette wheel. However, if you really want to bring a treasure back from Las Vegas then you should visit the Gambler’ General Store. This is about a 10 minute taxi ride from the Strip and this store has all the casino gear that you could want. The Gambler’s General Store has old casino token, colored dice, blackjack shoes and nearly everything else related to the gambling industry.


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