Posted September 26, 2012 by GamblingKing in Online Bingo

Arithmetic is fun at Bingo MagiX

Amidst the fun of your online bingo games, Bingo MagiX has melded it with a bit of schoolday fun. Remember the Arithmetic classes in schooldays? How we had to rack our brains to get the right answer and at times ended up getting some crazy answers? Well, now you can relive those memories by stepping into the Maths Lab room at Bingo MagiX every day for the month of September. No worries of solving any problem and getting any ridiculous answer. Instead, you will just have to wait for the numbers to be marked off on your bingo tickets. The promotion is called “Back to School” as playing bingo games, one will automatically get nostalgic with their schooldays.

Games to play include the 75-ball bingo pattern games with three patterns to bingo that are:, and = to sign. Remember these signs in your Arithmetic classes, greater than, less than and equal to? Now, you have to fix up these signs on your bingo tickets. The games take place thrice in an hour, and hitting a bingo on all three patterns will make a set. And for every single set collected, there is a £10 bingo bonus reward.

Prizes are yet not over! Along with these rewards, there are some additional bingo bonus prizes to receive. Maximizing a bingo on any of these patterns every week can let you grab the extra bingo bonus winnings. There is 15% extra bonus on your weekly deposits for players making a good amount of bingo on the pattern “”. By now, you already would be imagining loads of these signs in your head and would be waiting to rush in to try the games. Well then, rush in soon for the games at Bingo MagiX! And yes – no need to carry a calculator.


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