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3D Online Casino

The recent re-emergence of 3D has taken the entertainment industry by storm, transforming the film, television and gaming sectors, and 3D online casinos are the next step, announce Gaming Club. With 3D technology costs falling, and consumer acceptance of the new medium growing, the online gambling industry hopes that a three-dimensional future could significantly boost revenues.

3D already making inroads into online casino sector.

The success of 3D at the box office has convinced Disney to announce further 3D reissues into 2013. 3D box office revenue has leapt 18% in twelve months to reach US$6.9 billion in 2011. In television, 3D TV sales are up, as Sky rolls out more dedicated 3D channels, providing Olympics coverage in 3D for the first time.

The online gambling industry is a tech-savvy one, and a market that’s always shown a willingness to embrace new technologies. Making the move from land-based to online has been a huge success, with global online gambling revenues predicted to double between 2006 and 2015, already climbing close to US$30 billion in 2011. In their mission to create the most realistic casino environment for players, the industry has moved rapidly alongside tech advancement.

While 3D online casino gaming is still in its infancy, basic 3D graphics can now already be found on all major sites. Slots like 3D video slot magic pot were the first to get the 3D treatment, and increasingly casino favourites like roulette, blackjack and poker are emerging in 3D format too. Players can now enjoy console game-calibre graphics, and create Sims-like avatars with which to explore the casino floor, and true 3D graphics are the logical next step.

The technology does have its drawbacks – namely cost, and the need to wear glasses. However, research into gaming community opinion reveals that 60% of gamers are unfazed by the need to wear glasses, while new autostereoscopic devices like the Nintendo 3DS can provide thrilling 3D graphics without the need to wear them at all. It’s now up to the industry and leading designers to deliver 3D online casino environments impressive enough to convince consumers to make the upgrade to 3D capable devices.


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